September 15, 2015 Braj Mohan Chaturvedi

Cyber Safety Tips – General Information


General Information:

  • Don’t delete harmful communications (emails, chat logs, posts etc). These may help provide vital information about the identity of the person behind these.
  • Remember that all other internet users are strangers. You do not know who you are chatting with.
  • Be extremely careful about how you share personal information about yourself online.
  • Be extremely cautious about meeting online acquaintances in person. If you choose to meet, do so in a public place and take along a friend.
  • Save all communications for evidence. Do not delete or alter them in any way.
  • Be aware of all e-mails and SMS from any stranger luring you with billion dollar lottery prize, jobs in UK and huge wealth.
  • Be sure that your WIFI Network secured, use a strong password
  • Never share your passwords with anyone. Change the password frequently using a combination of letters, numerical and special characters.
  • ¬†Never forget to sign out of your email or any other accounts.
  • Never reveal your personal information to any stranger in online chatting.
  • Never make online transactions in unsecured sites. Watch for ‘https’ in the address bar.
  • Never follow links to your banking website from another website or e-mail, type it yourself in the address bar.
  • Never open spam mails as they contain either virus or spyware. Enable spam filters in your mail boxes.
  • Never post sensitive information in social networking and marriage sites.
  • Never be greedy for free downloads. They might infect your computers.
  • Never let credit cards go out of your sight while paying.
  • Never visit sites that contain pornography or terror links.
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