The Digital Culture is Real! infidirect is the partner you need that can help you make it now.

New digital business models require the connectivity and collaboration provided by ecosystems to create sophisticated products and services that competitors cannot copy. However, simply bolting on ecosystems to an existing business model will not accomplish the digital business growth that organizations are aspiring to.
We provide an objective view to help you remove the unnecessary barriers to innovation and change that exist in your organization. This includes helping you establish governance of your digital investment portfolio, assessing and developing your innovation culture, building “fit-to-purpose” policy frameworks and designing and delivering training and awareness programs.
Innovation and Learning Ecosystem develops a comprehensive solution that enables the organizations to learn, educate, aware, reskill and upskill their people. It can offer advanced, automated, and customizable tools to monitor, manage, evaluate, develop, assess/certify, and communicate within an advanced technological environment. All of this is focused on developing and evolving the learners’ community.