Content Marketing in 4 steps

As a Content Marketing Strategy, Focus on blogging, website content, articles, photos, videos, white papers, infographics, case studies and how-to-do guides to spread awareness of your brand. The idea is to communicate to the customers on a regular basis and keep the brand alive in their minds. This is a proven way to inspire loyalty and increase business.



Listen: At this stage, gain insights of customer, competitors, partner sentiment by doing social listening. It helps us provide direction to marketing ideas, product promotions, etc.

Create: This stage add value to nature of the content and tell stories about brand. Blog or video content is used to improve relevance, gain trusted advisor status, and increase product consideration

Share: Share content including blog posts, research reports, articles, industry best practices, articles, whitepaper, social media releases, customer & how-to videos on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pintrest, slideshare, YouTube, Digg, etc.

Engage: Impact perception by responding to social conversations – solve problems, correct inaccuracies, ignite fans, encourage advocates, gain referrals, demonstrate willingness to help.