A digital transformation agency driven by Creative Technologists that helps businesses navigate the brave new world of digital marketing. We look at consumer journeys through a full-funnel marketing approach to deliver personalised end-to-end marketing strategies and solutions that go beyond the elementary impact.

Our Team Of EXPORT Do Their Best

Digital Transformations can deliver profound, positive organisation wide change, but they are complex programmes and you need the right partner to drive them. Social Friendly's breadth of service offerings ensures we have the expertise across the board to successfully deliver your project on time and on budget.


We respect people as individuals, trusting them, supporting them, enabling them to achieve their aims in work and in life.



We share our knowledge, our expertise and our resources, so that everyone understands what is important now and knows how best to respond.



We actively pursue the development and adoption of the best practices worldwide. We never accept the status quo.



We build lasting relationships with our clients by providing them with the best growth agent on time and tailor-made solutions.


Who We Are & WHAT WE DO

Consumer expectations have changed drastically over the past decade. If they’re to succeed, businesses need to keep up with the choice and control that today’s customers now demand.

we are an agile, smart, and innovative company working in the digital marketing, customer experience, and digital transformation space. we believe that every company and brand needs a trusted agency that can help them take advantage of marketing opportunities across a variety of different digital channels. we are designed to create impactful and meaningful applications, digital platforms, marketing solutions and enterprise systems that help clients, customers, and the general public become digital savvy for today and generations to come!


We look at consumer journeys through a full-funnel marketing approach to deliver personalised end-to-end marketing strategies and solutions that go beyond the elementary impact.


BRAND Consulting

Think with us as guardians of your brand that works with internal and external teams. We’ll help your brand navigate through change and make sure its personality and strategy is being implemented and the quality of the work is being maintained.


SALES Enablement

We empower your sales team with effective tools and captivating content that help you lead prospects down the funnel.



Integrated Marketing Solutions comprises of Solutions Strategists, Creative Strategists and Designers who together provide clients with holistic solutions.


MEDIA Outreach and PR

We help you address complex media issues and navigate the intricacies of the media world via services that ensure that your communication objectives are met effectively within a specified timeline. With deep-rooted understanding anchored with practical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry the team we aim to please.


CUSTOM Integration services

Drive digital transformation with a custom software integration that is unique and tailored to your exact use case. Our team of technology experts draw on years of experience to design, develop, and deploy customized solutions for businesses of any scale.



E-commerce should be 20% of your business revenue. If it isn’t already, talk to us to find you the right channels, fulfillment partners and marketing models to super charge your e-business.